boucles d'oreilles argent

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Nom de la marque: GIGAJEWE

Origine : Chine continentale

Certificat : OUI

Pierre principale : Moissanite

Poids de l'article : 2,26 g.

Type de métaux : argent

Poinçon métallique : 925, Sterling

Numéro de modèle : GMSE-010

Type de certificat : CAL

Genre : Femmes

Pierre latérale : Aucune

Numéro de certificat: /

est_customisé: Oui

Retour Trouver: Boucle Papillon

Type de boucle d'oreille: boucles d'oreilles

Forme/motif : rond

Occasion : Anniversaire

Bien ou Mode : Bien

Style: mignon/romantique



The round cut diamond is the most popular diamond shape, The round diamond is generally superior to fancy diamond shapes at the proper reflection of light, maximizing potential brightness.

Moissanite is a new type of material, It has a hardness like diamond, is not easy to wear and tear, and shines permanently.

GIGAJEWE insists on manual cutting. Unlike other machine cutting, our stones can release more fire after being processed by professional technicians.


GIGAJEWE makes healthy jewelry, avoids the use of harmful substances and effectively prevents allergies.

We use 925 silver to make silver jewelry, which is different from other similar products, we plated 18K white gold on the surface of silver for three times, which makes it more wear-resistant and more like white gold jewelry, lasting as new.

Genuine 925 silver is a soft metal and if a slight distortion occurs during use, it is not a quality issue and can be restored by hand.


There is an error of ¬Ī0.05mm in dimensioning and manual actual measurement. Industry rulesÔľöthe weight of the moissanite is indicated as the weight of the diamond.

The actual weight of the Moissanite should be the marked weight of the diamond 90%.Example: The actual weight of the moissanite marked as 1 carat is0.88- 0.91 carats.


Professional GRA¬ģ evaluation for each moissanite and issue a real GRA¬ģ certificate ,support network query.

P.S: GRA¬ģ is a protected registered trademark,Without the ¬ģ is counterfeit.


GIGAJEWE produces the world's top Moissanite materials. Each of our Moissanite has been carefully selected and strictly graded according to the diamond color. Moissanite above 5mm has passed the real GRA¬ģ certification.


GIGAJEWE has fashionable jewelry designers and excellent jewelry craftsmen. We strive to make each jewelry exquisite and perfect, which can meet your discerning requirements.

We accept the customization of gold jewelry to serve the customer group who pursue high-end jewelry.


Buyers in some countries support unreasonable return within 15 days after receiving the goods. If there are quality problems or can not be packaged, we have a perfect refund service, let every customer satisfaction shopping, 24hx7d shop online customer service, we will serve you wholeheartedly.


GIGAJEWE has advanced raw material production and cutting technology, stylish jewelry designers and excellent jewelry craftsmen.Make sure every product is Strive for perfection, sparkling and refined.


Real moissanite can pass a simple diamond test device (handheld thermal conductivity meter) like a diamond.

GIGAJEWE has its own laboratory production plant, which produces various colors of C V D, HPHT and Moissanite. From raw material production to cutting and jewelry production, we have undergone rigorous testing to ensure that each gem is a real moissanite (SIC crystal).


Our silver jewelry is packed in paper and cloth, which can protect the jewelry from damage during transportation. At the same time, these materials can reduce pollution and protect the environment.

Free air transportation to almost all countries, can track the whole process. There are also faster paid DHL shipping options.


GIGAJEWE has advanced technology, our laboratory factory and scientific research personnel are working hard to produce more color high-quality moissanite.


In 1904, Dr. Henry Moissan discovered the mineral in a meteorite crater in Arizona. It came from outer space and had almost the same hardness and brightness as diamonds produced naturally on earth.

Today, we have been able to use high technology to create this gorgeous gem, which enables more people to wear this kind of jewelry that is affordable and beyond Diamond - beautiful and eternal.

We produce the most complete range of synthetic diamonds, C V D, HPHT and moissanite in various colors and inlay in various types of jewelry more than ten years.