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Nom de la marque: DJMAX

Origine : Chine continentale

Certificat : OUI

Pierre principale : Moissanite

Poids de l'article: 2g

Type de métaux : or blanc

Poinçon métallique : 925, Sterling

Numéro de modèle: DJMAX-EST-175

Type de certificat : NGTC

Genre : Femmes

Pierre latérale : Aucune

Numéro de certificat : comme le montre le certificat GRA

est_customisé: Oui

Retour Trouver : Boucles d'oreilles

Type de boucle d'oreille: boucles d'oreilles

Forme/motif : rond

Occasion : MARIAGE

Bien ou Mode : Bien

Style: Classique

Style d'article: Style coréen

Sertissage des diamants : sertissage à griffes

Type de métal : argent sterling 925.

Qualité de couleur de la pierre principale : D-E

Degré de clarté de la pierre principale : VVS1

Qualité de coupe de pierre principale : 8 cœurs, 8 flèches, excellente coupe.

Finition métallique : hautement polie

Couleur argent : argent sterling plaqué or blanc 18 carats.

Couleur or : argent sterling plaqué or jaune 18 carats

Certificat : certificat GRA

Emballage : boîte cadeau ou sac en velours

Style de boucles d'oreilles : boucles d'oreilles à filetage et bouchons d'oreilles.


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DJMAX: focus on high quality fine jewelry

Questions and Answers

1. Question: Is this a real diamond?
Answer: No, this is lab grown moissanite.

2. Question: Is there a certificate?
Answer: Yes, every moissanite ≥0.5ct has a GRA certificate

3. Question: Is this a real 925 Sterling Silver ?
Answer: Yes, we promise!

4. Question: Do you accept custom-made and OEM service?
Answer: Yes (with your design, shape, size, packaging, etc.).

5. Question: Why choose us?
Answer: Because as the source factory, we have strict inspection and professional classification of moissanite, and we are confident that our quality represents the best craftsmanship in the market.


Handmade item
Korean Style Jewelry: DJMAX-EST-175 and DJMAX-EST-123
Materials: 18K Gold, 925 Sterling Silver, Moissanite Diamond



☆ Center Stone Moissanite Details

→Color Grade -- D color
→Clarity Grade -- VVS1
→Shape and Cutting Style-- Round Brilliant
→Measurements --0.5ct is 5mm, 1.0ct is 6.5 mm,2.0ct is 8mm
→Weight -- (0.5ct+0.5ct) 1.0ct in total, (1.0 ct +1.0ct) 2.0ct in total, (2.0 ct +2.0ct) 4.0ct in total,
→Round Brilliant Shape
→Metal Finish -- Highly Polished
→Diamond Setting -- Prong Setting
→Metal Type -- 925 Sterling Silver
→Metal Color
Silver (18K white gold plated sterling silver)
Gold (18K yellow gold plated sterling silver)


Moissanite Refractive Index -- 2.65, 2.42 (Natural Diamond)
Moissanite Dispersion -- 0.104, 0.044 (Natural Diamond)
Moissanite Luster -- 20.40%, 17.20% (Natural Diamond)
Moissanite Hardness on Moh's Scale -- 9.25 of 10
Authoritative-- Making Pass Diamond test


These simple and gorgeous earrings are handmade.
A true beauty and must have! Great gift idea!
Sweet, simple, and dainty earring. Perfect for a minimalist look.

Optional Packaging

We considerately offer 2 packaging methods:

1. Selected Korean flannel gift box, classic emerald color, delicate and decent.
2. Velvet square bag, suitable for personal use, and you can save about $2.

These 2 packaging methods are selected from dozens of packaging materials. After a long period of comparison and testing, they are decent and practical.

Package Include

1x D color moissanite earrings
2x GRA certificates
1x Decent gift box (optional packaging 1)
1x Velvet square bag (optional packaging 2)

Double Detection: 100% real moissanite diamonds

The new generation Singapore PRESIDIUM Multi tester III is more than $350 and the test results are more accurate and authoritative.

1.Each moissanite stone 100% positive pass the diamond tester 2, show as diamond.

2.Each moissanite stone can pass the Singapore diamond tester 3, show as moissanite.

3.With GRA Certificate.

925 sterling silver

925 silver has 7.5% copper added to give it the desired hardness

Metal Finish -Highly Polished

18K white gold plated 925 sterling silver, It makes the surface of the jewelry brighter, not easy to oxidize, and looks more high-end.

Product Show-DJMAX-EST-175

Product Show-DJMAX-EST-123

Product Show-DJMAX-ACE 035

Product Show-DJMAX--WZ00500

Product Show-DJMAX--WZ00591&WZ00590

Product Show-DJMAX--WZ036

Optional packaging 1: Decent gift box

Beautiful people doing beautiful things, a decent gift packaging makes you appear more tasteful and discerning.

Classic emerald,looks very upscale and decent, we recommend it.

Optional packaging 2: Velvet square bag

The velvet gives you the first ray of warmth and softness on winter mornings.

The square bag design is easy to take out and put back in, making it easy to carry and travel.

In stock

Switzerland SGS Certification

Our company has got the SGS certification since 20 Oct 2020

Test Report No. CANEC20 17427501

About Us

Why we decide to only sell real D-E color moissanite?

1. Because we know that customers are most concerned about the quality of diamonds , if the quality of diamonds is not good, then the rest of the work will be meaningless and customers also will no longer trust us.

2. As a seller, we know that each customer has different opinions on color, GH color can easily cause problems and disputes

So we decided to only sell D-E color moissanite and focus on fine jewelry.

Moissanite Cutting Methods

There are 12 common cutting methods, if you need to customize, please contact us.

Moissanite VS Natural Diamonds

The chemical formula of moissanite is : SiC
The chemical formula of Natural Diamond is : C

1. Moissanite is an ideal substitute for natural diamonds, and it is very difficult for non-professionals to distinguish them with the naked eye, especially if it is less than 3 carats, a professional diamond tester must be used.

2. Moissanite is as sparkling and hard as natural diamonds, they are synonymous with elegance.

Moissanite VS Cubic Zircon

The chemical formula of Cubic Zircon ("High Carbon Diamond") is : ZrO2
It is a cheap and common imitation diamond.
1. The biggest disadvantage is that the Mohs' scale of hardness is relatively low, so it is easy to wear, loses luster quickly.

2. Because of the low density, so it feels very cheap and looks like a glass.

Quality Assurance

Customer orders from all over the world, very professional export business, strong team, better service, higher quality, can meet the needs of each customer, faster shipping, 24 hours online, more inquiries, can Contact customer service and look forward to hearing from you . THANK YOU